Either and neither

We can use “neither” to agree with a negative sentence, but you need to follow with an inversion afterwards. The final activity for this lesson is designed to test not only your understanding of either and neither but also your ability to paraphrase, which is a key skill you’ll need to draw on in the exam

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  1. Using Either and Neither
  2. In an informal style we can use me neither
  3. For example: “I don’t want the dress or the trousers
  4. Neither goes before singular countable nouns
  5. B: Me either
  6. OR and NEITHER
  7. (Here, either is a determiner
  8. Note that we use both + plural noun and either/neither
  9. Cách sử dụng của either và neither
  10. In this video, learn how to use either and neither correctly
  11. We tried a lot of hotels
  12. Main Takeaways
  13. Sarah liked neither Rome nor Paris